Monday, March 21, 2016

Website and Custom WordPress Design

When a Client retains us we provide (2) custom designed layout options for the Client to choose from before we custom write content and design each page individually. This is an example of the two options we recently gave a repeat Client of ours;

When we are done the Clients are happy and they have a mobile friendly fully functional website that they can use! Here are three samples of our website design services;




We can also custom design a WordPress site that is a free or paid template to create a powerful and informative platform to share your business, project or venture like this sample;

We also offer a wide range of turnkey services in addition to website and WordPress site design so please visit our Parent Company at;

Our primary site for Website and WordPress site design can be seen at;

My name is Johnny Giles and I own #ExpertBusinessPresentations as well as its subsidiary #WebDevelopmentbyEBP and hope that you will reach out to me anytime to discuss your needs. My email is and my cell phone is 980-505-3079.

What I do...

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